Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Sky After School part of Abner Montessori?
A: Sky After School and Abner Montessori are two separate programs that run out of Abner Montessori's facilities. While Sky After School is its own entity, you will receive correspondence from email addresses ending in, and staff may answer the phone as Abner.

Q: What ages does Sky After School provide care for?
A: Sky After School serves students in grades K-6th, and for primary age Abner Montessori students.

Q: What schools do you pick up from?
A: Lake Murray Elementary and Chapin Elementary.

Q: My child goes to Chapin Intermediate. Will you pick up from there?
A: No, we do not pick up from Chapin Intermediate, however we are a part of there school bus drop-off. Please contact the school district's transportation office to arrange drop-off from Chapin Intermediate to Sky After School.

Q: Do you pick-up on early release days?
A: Yes, we will still pick-up students on early release days at 11:40 am.

Q: What is the weekly charge for Sky After School?
A: $65 per week.

Q: Is there a fee to register for Sky After School?
A: Yes, $60 per year which includes registration for the summer program as well.

Q: Do you charge extra for holidays, teacher work days, or early release days?
A: No, these are included in the regular Sky pricing.

Q: Are days of for COVID-19 included in the pricing?
A: No. There will be an additional charge of $50 for 1 day off due to COVID-19. If students are off for 2 or more days due to COVID-19, the maximum charge per week will be $155. Please click here to view a detailed pricing explanation.

Q: If my child is not riding the Sky After School bus who should I contact?
A: Contact the Abner Montessori office, 803-345-9428 or [email protected], by 1:00 pm.

Q: Will my child be provided a snack?
A: Yes. Students are provided a snack when they first arrive to our facility and a second snack at 4:00 pm.

Q: Will you provide lunch to my child when they attend Sky After School for full days?
A: No. Students need to bring their lunch.

Q: Is there a space available for my child to do their homework?
A: Yes. We have a study room available for students that need to complete work.

Q: Are music lessons available while my child attends Sky After School?
A: Yes. We have several music instructors that teach lessons out of our music studio. Each instructor charges their own fees for lessons. For more information about music lessons please visit our studio page. Studios

For other questions, please contact us at 803-345-9428 or email [email protected]