Registration for Sky After School 2022-23

Beginning August of 2022, Sky After School will no longer offer bus pick-up from public schools. We will continue to run an after school program for Abner Montessori students and welcome any other students, including homeschool students, in 1st-4th grade that can find transportation here in the afternoons. Additionally, Sky will not open full day when the scheduled does not align with Abner Montessori's schedule. A calendar of our scheduled full-day openings can be found below. Sky will be open from 3:30-6:00 on any weekday not marked with a "check" or "red x".

Sky After School is $65.00 a week during the public school year. There is an annual registration fee of $65.00 per child. If you would still like to register your child for our Sky After School program, please contact us at,

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